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[sticky post] A new, new sticky post

Well, lately I seem to be putting a lot more time and energy into Tumblr than into LiveJournal. It provides more instant gratification, but also. I think, shallower interactions. (Wow, almost 500 people liked this arrangement of pictures enough to move their mouse over to the "like" or "reblog" button. Okay.)

I still have plans to do a lot more writing here, because I think long-form essays work better here, and it's easier when you can see all the comments in one place and have extended conversations without endless reblogging. However, it's also the season when my back yard takes a lot of my attention, so it may be a while.

In the meantime, if you are new here, I invite you to read the stuff I've already posted and comment on it. It's not like it's gone out of date or anything. I get notification of comments, so I will respond to you. (Revive dead threads! Make them into zombies!)

I've now enabled anonymous commenting, so you can comment here even if you don't have an LJ account. Just, please, if you don't mind, include some kind of alias in your comment, so I'll know when I'm talking to the same anon repeatedly and when it's a new anon.

I am Linnealurks at Tumblr if you want to check it out. You don't have to be registered to view people's posts.

Two quotes, an ethos, and a headcanon

"What we have is the here and now, and what we have is each other, and let’s find a way to deal truthfully with each other." —Christopher Eccleston, in an interview on the program “Heaven and Earth"

"This is who I am, right here, right now, all right? All that counts is here and now, and this is me." —The Doctor, as written by Russell T. Davies, in “The End of the World"

I was struck by the similarity between these two lines, and wondered whether there was any connection between them.

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Holy Mother of Squee!

fannishliss has turned my vague idea (about Pod Clock, of The Borrowers, meeting up with an action figure based on one of Eccleston's movie roles) into a beautiful little 1000-word fic. Go read it, and tell her how perfect and sweet it is.
So, I've been reading back through fannishliss's journal, using the "eccleston rules" tag. Her review of "Let Him Have It" was great and to the point, so I asked her if I could post it here, and she said yes. Thank you, liss!

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Firthy's 30 Day Challenge answers

I think I'm an archivist at heart. I like data. I like compiling things.

thefirthyone has been posting her answers to the 30 Day Challenge on Tumblr. (Her Tumblr identity is fuckyeahecclesex, in case any of you lurkers don't know that. There are hordes of lurkers out there, aren't there? I like to imagine there are, anyway.) And all month, I've been copying and pasting them into a Googledoc so I could have them all in one place.

A few other people here and at Tumblr are doing the challenge too but aren't finished with it yet. I'm collecting their answers too, and when (if) they get finished, my plan is to compile a post that puts everybody's answers to each question side-by-side. (I haven't quite figured out how I'm going to do that - it doesn't seem possible to post spreadsheets on LJ- but I'm working on it.)

That way, if other people are interested in joining the Cult of Chris, we can point them to the chart and say things like "Two-thirds of Eccleston addicts think *this* movie is his best, and half of them think *that* movie is a waste of time."

Am I nuts? Do I have too much time on my hands? You decide.

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30 Day Challenge, Day 30: Reaction gif

30 Days of Christopher Eccleston

30. A gif of your reaction if you were ever to meet him

Gif courtesy of llythyraucariad:


This is me just grinning like an idiot and unable to say anything coherent.

And can I just say, I'm a little sad that the thirty days are over. I really enjoyed having this assignment of focusing on a different aspect of the Eccleston oeuvre and my experience of it each day. Thank you, firthy and bloose!

I've decided to prolong the experience by re-posting each day's answer on Tumblr, starting tomorrow.
30 Days of Christopher Eccleston

29. First and last CE-related item you bought

First: I think I ordered "Strumpet" and "The Second Coming" at the same time.

Last: "Anchoress", which I finished watching last night and which is doing a number on my head.

30 Day Challenge, Day 28: Fave picture/gif

30 Days of Christopher Eccleston

28. Favourite picture/gif

At first I thought I couldn't possibly choose, but I was able to narrow it down to four. Many thanks to thefirthyone for locating two of these pictures for me (and being able to figure out which ones I meant from the verbal descriptions).
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30 Days of Christopher Eccleston

27. Favourite interview or article/favourite quote from CE

My favorite interview has got to be his appearance on Top Gear. He's so relaxed and funny, probably because he's not talking about his work. When he's interviewed about one of his acting roles, he tends to overthink and get concerned about saying the right thing, I think. I guess that's the downside of taking your job as an actor very seriously.

My favorite quote is in my sidebar, from an interview on Heaven and Earth, which I gather is a program about religion. Here's a bit more of it:

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30 Day Challenge, Day 26: Audio

30 Days of Christopher Eccleston

26. Favourite audio book/story/drama read by CE

That would have to be Sacred Nation, a documentary he did for BBC radio about the religious history of Britain. It's great because it's a fascinating subject, and it's *hours* long - hours and hours of Eccles-voice. [UPDATE: Sacred Nation is once again available thanks to the wonderful Art Thou Beguil'd Now. Go here, click on the link that says "Radio", and scroll down to find it. It's labeled "Nation" and it's in six half-hour parts.]

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